All Jersey Pharmacies Dispensing Medical Cannabis

List Regularly Updated, Pharmacies Below Fulfil Medical Cannabis Prescriptions

Union Jack UK (21) Jersey Jersey (5) Guernsey Guernsey (3) Isle of Man Isle of Man (2)
Pharmacy Contact Details Review Rating Own Brands Main Importer Available Brands Delivery
Reid's Pharmacy
Jersey St. Helier, Jersey
01534 728883

reidspharmacy.jeBritish Crown Icon Reids Pharmacy Ltd

      Delta 9 Pharmacy
      Jersey St. Saviour, Jersey
      01534 666520
      d9pharmacy.comBritish Crown Icon Delta 9 Pharmacy Ltd

        A rebrand of LV Pharmacy.
        Little Grove Pharmacy
        Jersey St. Lawrence, Jersey
        01534 747123
        littlegrovepharmacy.comBritish Crown Icon LG Pharmacy Ltd

            Roseville Pharmacy
            Jersey St. Helier, Jersey
            roseville-pharmacy.jeBritish Crown Icon Alliance Healthcare France SA

                LV Pharmacy
                Jersey St. Helier, Jersey
                01534 870771
                lv.careBritish Crown Icon LV Pharmacy Ltd

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