We currently have 39 Clinics and 25 Pharmacies registered throughout the British Isles, as well as 47+ Producers internationally known to be supplying our market.

Most patients have virtual consultations via video call, as well as choosing to have their prescription delivered by a national courier. Whether a clinic/pharmacy is local to you or not, is unlikely to make a difference to your accessibility. The few clinics currently offering in-person consultations typically charge extra for the privilege.

Channel Islands patients are limited to their own jurisdiction, and visa-versa. MedBud hopes to continue to serve and cover the smaller patient communities in Jersey Jersey and Guernsey Guernsey.

In some circumstances MedBud intentionally obfuscates the exact location of producer's growing facilities, or GMP-finishing facilities - this is largely for security purposes.

Looking for somewhere to socialise with other patients? The UK Cannabis Social Club has a map listing dozens of locations across the country.

  New government petition approved: Introduce 'Grow Your Own' Laws for Legal Medical Cannabis Patients (CBPM) — please sign and share. 6 months to achieve 10,000 signatures.

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