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This organisation is listed on Jersey Financial Services Commission as Windsor Medical Practice Ltd, further details on then link below.

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Windsor Medical CBPM’s operate directly from our surgery in the Lido Medical Centre and are the only independent GP practice offering a full medicinal cannabis prescribing service.

As an independent practice, our patients will have access to all medical cannabis mediation, along with giving a patient the ability to have their prescription dispensed at Reid’s, Roseville, Delta9 or Little Grove with free repeat prescription fees.

Harnessing the potential of medical cannabis, Windsor Medical Practice is the only local GP surgery where patients can access treatment directly with their doctor. We are an independent GP practice and our doctors are experts in the field of medical cannabis. We look forward to treating patients in Jersey and are taking bookings specifically for medical cannabis consultations now.

Medicinal Cannabis may be particularly useful for chronic pain syndromes, insomnia, anxiety, ADHD, epilepsy, PTSD, nausea (associated with cancer treatment) and poor appetite.

We are a small practice that aims to provide a personalised General Practitioner service addressing your health needs. We were established in the late 1940s at Windsor Crescent, and are now located at the Lido Medical Centre. This provides us with excellent parking and a range of additional related services including a pharmacy, chiropractor and physiotherapist on our doorstep. We have a good working knowledge of local services and what our secondary care colleagues can provide. Our strength of being small is that you, our patient, avoid the pitfall of seeing a different GP on every visit, and having to repeat your medical history during every consultation. This means that, over time, we get to know you and your family, which we believe is the foundation of good general practice.

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